Capacitor and Power Factor Controller



Power Factor Correction Equipment

Type: KNK5015, KNK5065, KNK1053, KNK2053, KNK9053, KNK9101, KNK9103, KNK9141, KNK9143


On request, capacitors with other power and voltage ratings, shapes, and connections are available.

  • all rights reserved for any possible changes.
  • In-rush current must be limited to maximal permitted value


  • capacitor type
  • capacitor power
  • rated voltage
  • quantity and delivery terms

Ordering example for three-phase 25 ivar capacitor of 400 V:

KNK1053, 25 kvar, 400 V, 500 Hz.


Three-phase Capacitors KNK1053 – Cylindrical Aluminium Housing

Heavy Duty at 400V

Screen Shot 2556-09-08 at 2.09.02 PM

Detune Type

Screen Shot 2556-09-08 at 2.10.43 PM

Power Factor Control Replay PFCmax 6 & PFCmax12

Use: Power factor regulators PFCmax6 (6 steps) and PFCmax12 (12 steps) measure cos φ of a supply system and control the automatic connection and disconnection of compensation capacitors according to desired cos φ.



  • FCP (Fast Computerized Program) System minimizing the number of capacitor connections and disconnections
  • 6 and 12 relay regulators according to the type
  • Connected step display, a digital display for cos φ and differentiation of a sign for reactive power L (inductive) and C (capacitive)
  • Three-digit LCD with seven segments
  • Setting of parameters without the need for disconnecting the regulator power supply
  • Option to configure the regulator even when it is still in the process of regulating the capacitors
  • Option for using 50 or 60 Hz frequencies
  • All measurements displayed on one single display
  • Easy to mount with no need for tools
  • Programming from keypad on the front: (3 keys)
  • Size 144 x 144 mm according to DIN 43 700
  • Measurement and power supply in one single input

Connection Diagrams


Capacitor Duty Contactors

When swiched on, a capacitor can function as a short-circuit element. The capacitor inrush or charging current magnitude depends on AC voltage at turn-on and on the impedance of connection cables and a power supply transformer.

In case of individual capacitor load, charging current peaks that are 30-time greater than rated capacitor  current can occur. In case of a multi-stage capacitor the inrush current can exceed 180-time rated capacitor current.

Such a strong current can flow through a contactor from the beginning when inrush current occurs from power supply network and the capacitor is already connected. Such inrush current is undesirable since main contacts of standard duty contactors are likely to weld.

A new capacitor duty contactor is designed to meet the requirements of capacitor duty applications. Contactors are fitted with a block of three auxiliary contacts connected in series with sixquick discharge damping resistors, two per each phase. Peak current is limited to the value within the contactor making capacity.

Three-pole contactors from 10 kVar to 60 kVar are available in seven ratings complying with the IEC 60070 and IEC 60830 standards. They have the UL certificate.


  • Conforms to utilization category AC-6b
  • Saves costs of expensive replacement
  • Long electrical life
  • Reduces watt losses during “ON” condition, saves energy
  • High safety
  • No risk of dangerous voltage
  • Switching of capacitor bank in parallel without de-rating
  • Less maintenance and downtime
Screen Shot 2556-09-08 at 4.04.28 PM

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